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12/4/2021 Application Gateway General Availability Azure Application Gateway now supports the use of wildcard characters such as asterisk (*) and question mark (?) for hostnames on a multi-site HTTP(S) listener. You can now route requests from multiple host-names such as shop.contoso.com, accounts.contoso.com, pay.contoso.com to the same backend pool through a single listener configured with a wildcard hostname such as *.contoso.com. Link Link Details
12/4/2021 Virtual Network General Availability Azure VPN NAT (Network Address Translation) supports overlapping address spaces between your on-premises branch networks and your Azure Virtual Networks. NAT can also enable business-to-business connectivity where address spaces are managed by different organizations and re-numbering networks is not possible. VPN NAT provides support for 1:1 Static NAT and 1-to-many dynamic NAT. Link Link Details
12/4/2021 SQL Database General Availability Microsoft is making the capabilities of SQL Server IaaS Agent extension available to Linux platforms, starting with Ubuntu with future plans for other distributions. If you are already running SQL Server on Azure using an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine, you can now use the license management features of the SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines blade. You can also view SQL Server running on Ubuntu Linux along with other SQL Server virtual machines in the SQL Server virtual machine blade and in the Azure SQL blade to help you identify your entire SQL Server estate. Link Link Details
12/4/2021 SQL Database General Availability You can now enable the full mode of SQL Server IaaS Agent extension with no restart, giving you access to more manageability features for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines without interruption to your workloads. Previously, you had to restart the SQL Server services to enable these features. The full mode of SQL Server IaaS Agent extension unlocks many benefits such as Automated Backup, Automated Patching, Storage Optimization, and more, along with license management that comes with lightweight mode. Link Link Details
12/4/2021 Virtual Desktop Preview Features For customers trying to reduce cost, it’s now possible to deploy a pooled environment using Azure AD-joined Windows 10/11 Enterprise multi-session VMs: FSLogix user profiles are now supported with Azure AD-joined VMs. Optimize costs by deploying a pooled environment for Azure AD-joined VMs. Simplify deployment and enhanced management with Intune. Removes the need to have access to a domain controller from the session host VM and network share. You can now store FSLogix user profiles on Azure Files and access them from Azure-AD joined VMs. This functionality currently requires users to have hybrid identities managed in Active Directory. Link Link Details
12/4/2021 HDInsight General Availability Now in general availability, HDInsight 2021-01-01 API adds a number of new features including availability zones, private link, and private endpoint configuration. This new HDInsight, 2021-06-01, can be enabled on any new or existing clustering in seconds, with zero downtime. Link Link Details
12/4/2021 Kubernetes Service General Availability We are announcing the general availability of the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) auto-upgrade feature. With this feature, you will be able to opt-in to have your node image or your cluster version auto-upgraded when a new AKS node image or cluster version becomes available. This simplifies operations as you no longer need to upgrade your node image or cluster manually. Link Link Details
12/4/2021 Kubernetes Service General Availability Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) feature to allow for Azure Active Directory (AAD) integrated clusters to be created without any local admin user account is now generally available. By default, when you create a Kubernetes cluster, access to the cluster is through a local admin account. This is not desirable for security reasons as anyone can use a local account. It is also harder to manage such local accounts. With AAD integration, there is no need for local accounts. You can now disable local accounts when you setup AAD with your AKS cluster. Link Link Details
12/4/2021 DevOps Preview Features Azure Load Testing is a fully managed Azure service that enables developers and testers to generate high-scale load and run simulations with custom JMeter scripts, gain actionable insights to catch and fix performance bottlenecks at scale, and shifts testing left in automated CI/CD pipelines. Simplify load tests by eliminating infrastructural complexities and unlocking the full power of JMeter scripts at scale Comprehensive view of curated client and server metrics with actionable insights into app performance Integration with CI/CD workflows for automated, collaborative load testing Streamlined billing and test management that builds on existing Azure conventions Link Link Details
12/4/2021 Database for PostgreSQL General Availability Flexible Server is a new deployment option that provides more control and flexibility over databases, zone resilient high availability, cost optimization controls, and competitive ready to use performance/latency. Flexible Server provides maximum control through custom maintenance windows and additional configuration parameters for fine grained tuning. You can now benefit from zone redundant high availability and control the timing for patches and upgrades. Deploying a new server is simpler with a guided experience. You can also optimize total cost of ownership with burstable instances for your servers and stop/start capabilities that enable you to only pay for compute when the server is in use. Flexible Server is also fully compatible with community PostgreSQL, available with PostgreSQL 11, 12, and 13 support, and can be used for a variety of workloads. Link Link Details

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